Green Dream is our community growing project, currently running from our secluded 4-acre site on Waverley Street. The #destinationbootle neighbourhood plans include green spaces for people to grow and enjoy the beautiful Bootle canal-side location. 

We work with volunteers from all walks of life - young and old, working and unemployed, fit and healthy and those in recovery from mental health problems or alcohol and substance misuse. We provide a friendly and welcoming community where you can drop in anytime.



Tend our raised beds, orchards and hedgerows

Grow fruit and veg to take home for friends and family

Create new habitats for local wildlife

Care for our 250,000 Bootle bees, harvesting honey and beeswax



Fact file

Project funded by Veolia Environmental Trust

Started March 2013

Planted more than 300 trees

Grow more than 1 tonne of fresh fruit and veg each year