Our Plans

* UPDATE May 2016 * Detailed plans for Carolina Basin redevelopment now available - click here *

We have ambitious plans to make our small community within Bootle a destination for locals and visitors alike. We have already created an oasis of greenery, creativity and wellbeing on our existing land on Waverley Street. Now we want to go further and transform Bootle's stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool canal from an eyesore to a beautiful, vibrant place where people come to see friends, enjoy the community gardens, grow their own fresh fruit and veg, canoe or kayak on the canal, learn arts and craft skillseat tasty freshly-grown local produce in our canalside eatery or stay over in a new guest accommodations.

We want to create a space that appeals to local people, providing a modern alternative to the Little Merton, yet still acknowledging the affection that many locals feel for the former hostelry. We also want to attract visitors to the area, particularly canoeists and their families attempting the UK’s first coast-to-coast canoe trail – a new project which will establish Bootle as the flagship hub on the trail.

Some will say it can’t be done. But we disagree. The Leeds-Liverpool canal offers a unique opportunity to develop this area of Bootle and we are working with our partners including Sefton Council, Regenerus and the Canal and Rivers Trust to open it up to the community for future generations to enjoy, making Bootle a better place to live, work and recreate.


Green Dream is our community growing project. Volunteers plant wildflower meadows, grow fruit and vegetables to take home and care for our 250,000 Bootle bees. Find out more >


We co-produce public art with local communities, provide studio and office space and support creative practitioners to develop skills and grow their business. Find out more >


We are working with the Canal and Rivers Trust to create a new Bootle Marina in the former Carolina Basin. This will be the first port of call on the UK's first coast-to-coast canoe trail. Find out more >


We are reopening the former pub as The Lock and Quay, a new canalside eatery for locals and visitors alike to eat and drink, serving tasty and healthy locally-sourced produce. Find out more >


We will provide guest accommodation for visitors to rest their weary heads whether they've been canoeing, creating or recreating in Bootle or beyond. Find out more >