Would you use?

We asked 'Would you like to use the buildings/spaces when completed? If so, how? e.g. hiring rooms/studios for your own activities/events, attending courses/events/family activities, visiting the green spaces along the canal??' 75% of you said you would be very likely to use the new facilities: 

“Yes – functions, courses, canoe hub, eatery – the whole marina complex”

“Yes. For courses and events, green spaces, potential exhibition space etc.”

“Studio space and all of the above”

“I'd like to continue running my business here”

“Coast to coast canal trail hub and more”

“Art studio/gallery space, art projects and courses for adults, elderly citizens”

“Yes I'd like to use the building/spaces for attending courses and visiting the green spaces along the canal”

“Family activities, visiting green spaces - As we work in local nursery we would love to get involved in anything they do”

“All of the above - It would be good to have some activities for the children during the school hols”

“Yes. For studio space/dance workshops/martial arts classes”

“Yes - planting food with the children in our nursery”

“Potentially hiring rooms or an office for a new social enterprise”

“I will definitely be using the facilities for studio space and workshop delivery”

“Yes! Film projects in and about the space and events”

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