Positive benefits?

We asked 'What appeals to you most about the current plans? What are the most positive benefits you think the development would bring for the local area?' 94% of you identified positive benefits for the local community, such as:

“The development would enhance the area and bring the community together, and offer more opportunities for small businesses”

“Canal development, community spirit, togetherness”

“I believe this project will inject much needed life into a neglected community”

“Gives employment to people, makes the area more attractive, puts Bootle on the map”

“A more positive reputation for the area. Positive activities and organisations taking place and having a voice in the local community"

“A cleaner environment and better use of the canal”

“A stopping place along the canal will bring more visitors/business to the area”

“Effective use of the canal space will benefit the entire community"

"The idea of the eatery is particularly exciting - will food be sourced from the green dream?”

“The possibility of more space to work, having more designers/artists working in the same place”

"A wonderful place to attend, many opportunities for people to become involved in their community”

“Saving a local building, occupying otherwise empty space… empowering local people, keeping kids off the street and improving area”

“The prospects of creative opportunities, careers and social integration”

“Bring the community together”

“Make it a genuine destination. Improve perceptions locally and from further afield”

“Getting the community involved with each other and having an input on the services”

“Bring area back to life + work!”

“All of it!”

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