Any concerns?

We asked ' Is there anything that concerns you about these current plans? Do you think there might be any negative impacts on the local community/area?' 8% of you expressed concerns about the plans or thought there might be some negative impacts on the local community. We are considering these comments in our plans going forward and will feedback on these points individually later in the year. 

“Potential disruption during the building/transition phase to business but not a major concern”

“The new plans look really good, I am a little concerned about new houses going up, especially if it is a housing association”

“Could become a hive of toxic activity and questionable events if unsupervised”

During our meetings many of you felt strongly that fears of negative impacts were misplaced. 69% of you felt strongly that there would be no negative impacts to the plans: 

“Nothing whatsoever – these plans are community-led after much consultation and will provide many facilities for the community. They will also enhance the aesthetics of the area making it a destination rather than a drive by!”

“No - positive all the way”

“No - can only be good”

“No negative impacts – potential to boost other plans”

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